Finding a Classic Car Show has just got easier 

A Great new way of finding Classic Car Shows dates is here

Are you a classic car enthusiast? Do you have your very own classic car? Do you just like looking at others or is a classic car show just another day out to enjoy?

If you are any of these, how do you find the classic car show near you, to view or show?

Normally you have to be a member of a classic car club to get dates and venues or wait for an advert in the local paper or look for those little signs on the side of the road, where you could be travelling to quick to see or read them, so you miss them.

You could wait till these dates appear in your chosen classic car magazine or spend hours looking on an internet site to find what you looking for. These are all very good ways of finding out this information but can take time and can be a waiting game if you wish to get your calendar planned

Well a new and exciting way of finding this information is here. The Classic Car Show App is here. The App gives you the Dates, lets you know if it’s an one day, two day or three day event, Postcodes, where available,  the Title of the event and gives the Web Page Link to the show and updates information as and when this is available.


To add your classic car show to this new and exciting diary, e-mail your Club Diary details to

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